AmmoSquared Launches Partner Program with Free Ammunition Incentive

AmmoSquared Launches Partner Program with Free Ammunition Incentive

Nampa, ID – AmmoSquared Inc., a trailblazer in the ammunition space, has launched a new program that gives partner brands a way to offer free ammunition to their customers as a sign up or purchase incentive. AmmoSquared’s new ‘Brand Integration Program’ is designed to be a win-win-win for Ammosquared, the brand partner, and of course the customer.

In this unique affiliate program, any participating website can offer their customers an ammunition incentive for completing a purchase. The customer will receive an ammo credit at and the affiliate brand will receive a lifetime revenue stream for the signup.

In the current environment of declining consumer sales, a purchase incentive that is unique and stands out, like free ammunition, is an attractive alternative to conventional discounts or sales promotions. The ammunition incentive from AmmoSquared is flexible and could also serve as a potent tool to reinforce customer loyalty post-purchase as well.

Along with the immediate reward of offering an ammunition incentive to customers, brand partners will also receive 3% of the lifetime value of the customers that sign up with AmmoSquared. This long tail revenue can add up to a significant amount because customers tend to stay with AmmoSquared for years.

“With our new Brand Integration Program, we can partner with forward thinking brands to create a win-win-win situation leveraging AmmoSquared’s unique service as a powerful tool to incentivize new customer acquisition and loyalty,” says AmmoSquared’s CEO, Dan Morton. “The ability for our partners to now offer ammunition as a purchase incentive brings significant added value for them and their customers.”

AmmoSquared enables customers to purchase small amounts of ammunition over time and store that ammunition until it is needed. This helps customers stay on budget and ensures they always have ammo when they need it. This flexibility and convenience offer unrivaled value to customers referred by participating businesses.

Businesses eager to elevate their customer interactions and interested in participating in the Brand Integration Program can reach out to AmmoSquared directly at

About AmmoSquared Inc.

Started in 2015, AmmoSquared is leading a revolution in the ammunition industry, transforming how gun owners accumulate, manage, and store ammunition. With its unique service, AmmoSquared is making ammunition ownership more flexible and budget-friendly than ever before.

AmmoSquared Launches Partner Program with Free Ammunition Incentive

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