American Defense MFG Adds Tyler Hollmann as a Brand Ambassador

American Defense MFG Adds Tyler Hollmann as a Brand Ambassador

American Defense Manufacturing is proud to have Tyler Hollmann representing us in the sport of Multi-Gun Shooting. Tyler is very knowledgeable and always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

Tyler is an Arizona native and avid competitive shooter. After being introduced to 3-Gun Nation in 2017, he began competing in USPSA, other multigun matches, and more recently PCSL. With the love for all things race guns, cool gear, and go-fast parts, you’ll typically find Tyler shooting anything with a dot or optic and a big magazine to feed it. One of the traits that drew Tyler to the shooting community was the generosity and willingness to offer up loaner equipment and help out a fellow competitor. When you run into him on the range, introduce yourself and ask to take a look at or try any of the gear, he’s a nerd about that stuff.

Tyler has been using American Defense Manufacturing products since the end of year one of his competitive shooting career. He originally had another manufacturers scope mount and offset red dot mount come loose during a match and immediately switched to ADM Scope and Optic Mounts. Ever since, the optics and mounts have been put through the ringer and consistently maintain zero. Even TSA and their “gentle” luggage handling skills hasn’t affected zero!

In early 2023, he began shooting our UIC Series rifles. “The UIC series provided an out of the box rugged, reliable, and accurate platform that is perfect for the competition scene as well as the duty market.” Tyler had always been a fan of the right side controls, which not only provided an ambidextrous platform, but also served as an ergonomic manual of arms to operate the rifle while maintaining a shooting grip the entire time. “Also, ADM is using quality OEM parts from reputable manufactures that shooters tend to swap parts out for, such as Radian for charging handles and safeties and Criterion for some of the industries best hard-use and accurate barrels.”

Outside of the shooting world, Tyler is an electrician by trade. He is involved in sales and project management for a Scottsdale-based technology company, specializing in the high-end residential market. Growing up with the Sedona red rocks in his backyard, Tyler spends his time off the range hiking, camping and off-roading with his fiancé, friends, and family.

Tyler plans on shooting the following matches and more for the 2023 Season.

Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, AZ PCC State Championship, Red Oktober – Cold War, Area 2, PCSL 2-Gun and several local Arizona area matches.

Instagram Page: @tyler_hollmann

American Defense Manufacturing has become a leader of innovation and quality in the shooting industry with the release of our patented, fully ambidextrous AR15 and AR10 platform rifles, as well as our QD Mounting Solutions for optics and accessories for all firearm platforms. We are dedicated to supporting the men and women who stand guard and protect this country, including responsible citizens who demand only the best tools for self-defense, recreational, or competitive shooting.