Amazing Performance, Shocking Price

Amazing Performance, Shocking Price

WHITEWATER Fishing’s Lightweight Tech Hoodie and Long Sleeve Tech Shirt wear and fish like comparable tops twice their price.

$34.99 is a scary price for a fishing shirt. Typically, you wouldn’t expect much. Or, you’d simply thump past it on the rack looking for a better build, different brand. That’s certainly the case with knockoff fishing shirts and private labels. You get what you pay for.

But, quite astonishingly, that isn’t the case with WHITEWATER Fishing’s Lightweight Tech Hoodie and Long Sleeve Tech Shirt. Now before my spiel, I solemnly swear having owned and fished both for over a year. That entails too many fishing adventures to tally and dozens of washings, often ending days with fish blood and Frank’s hot sauce on the fabric.

Let’s start with a bit about use. Lightweight performance fishing shirts provide comfortable and versatile protection from the sun’s harmful rays while wicking moisture to keep warm-weather anglers cool during the heat of the hunt. But many so-called fishing tech shirts have a downside. It’s called permastink. The lightweight polyester material, which forms the fabrics that perform so well in warm temperatures has a very small pore structure that can trap and tightly grip bacteria and odor molecules. Once trapped, these odors can be difficult or impossible to remove, even with repeated washings.

WHITEWATER Fishing’s Long-Sleeve Tech Shirt and Lightweight Tech Hoodie deliver a triple dose of technology to keeps anglers dry, protected from solar radiation, and smelling fresh. Their 100% polyester interlock fabric yields supreme, next-to-skin comfort, while wicking perspiration to keep you comfy and dry. UPF 30 provides both UVA and UVB skin protection that effectively blocks over 96% of ultraviolet radiation. Finally, an antimicrobial treatment controls and prevents odors, including the permastink that can infiltrate untreated polyester garments.

The stretchy material is like witchcraft, too. Silky smooth to the touch. And it maintains its athletic fit after numberless wearing and washing. Functions like another layer of skin, one that protects you from the sun and draws moisture away.

In these economic times when every purchase is under scrutiny, these top-shelf fishing shirts pass the performance and practicality tests.


  • 100% Polyester interlock fabric
  • Moisture wicking for comfort and fast drying
  • UPF 30 solar protection
  • Antimicrobial treatment controls and prevents odors
  • Tailored fit for comfort and mobility
  • Available in five sizes, men’s SM-3X
  • LS Tech Shirt available in Lagoon and Skyline
  • Lightweight Tech Hoodie available in Blue and Gray

Long Sleeve Tech Shirt MSRP $29.99

Lightweight Tech Hoodie MSRP $34.99