ALPS OutdoorZ New DEADQUIET Shield Bino Harness Now Shipping

ALPS OutdoorZ New DEADQUIET Shield Bino Harness Now Shipping

ALPS OutdoorZ, premiere manufacturer of extreme-duty hunting packs and outdoor gear, understands that many a hunt has been foiled by noisy fabrics. That is why the company has introduced a new line of accessories designed to ensure maximum silence in the field while providing optimal protection from the elements, starting with that essential hunting accessory—the bino harness.

The all-new DEADQUIET® Shield Bino Harness utilizes the proprietary DEADQUIET® fabric developed by ALPS OutdoorZ to create a bino harness that not only protects expensive optics from weather and environmental hazards but is also quiet in operation.

The layered DEADQUIET® fabric consists of a fleece exterior that effectively deadens the sound of contact with hands, brush, and other clothing. The inside layer is a rugged suede that offers silent retrieval and replacement of binoculars and exhibits a high wear resistance for years of hard use. Sandwiched between these layers is a waterproof membrane that keeps binos dry and protected in the harshest weather.

Built on a structured case design for added protection and support, the DEADQUIET® Shield Bino Harness is adjustable for a perfect fit as clothing requirements change throughout the season. MOLLE webbing is integrated into both sides of the harness so that left- and right-hand archers and gun hunters can conveniently position a rangefinder, call, or other attachments within easy reach without interference.

Additional features of the DEADQUIET® Shield Bino Harness include: suede-lined shove pocket that can accommodate a phone, handgun, or other gear; silent, zipper-free access; reinforced elastic tethers with silent swivels that can be easily adjusted or removed; bottom MOLLE webbing that is perfect for securing the ALPS OutdoorZ DEADQUIET® Ember Handwarmer.

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