ALPS OutdoorZ Introduces the First Hybrid Dog Stand

ALPS OutdoorZ Introduces the First Hybrid Dog Stand

They give us their all and never complain, so it is understandable that we want to keep our dogs as safe and comfortable in the field as possible. That is why ALPS OutdoorZ, the premiere manufacturer of extreme-duty hunting packs and outdoor gear, developed the industry’s first Hybrid Dog Stand.

Whether you are hunting in a dark flooded marsh, working a dry field, or hunkered knee-deep in reeds, the new Hybrid Dog Stand provides the stable, sure-footed support your dog deserves. Secure it to a tree, free-stand it above the waterline, or set it up in the blind or field for training. With its innovative and adjustable leg supports and integrated cleat-and-ratchet system, the Hybrid Dog Stand is the one-and-done solution for K9 comfort and all-day peak performance.

The heart of the Hybrid Dog Stand is its durable, powder-coated aluminum frame construction with a 26×24-inch platform. Covered with rugged TechMesh for quick water pass-through, the platform also includes Hypalon strapping — a tough CSPE synthetic rubber that provides maximum traction for your dog to launch and to easily catch themselves for mounting. These anti-slip surface strips provide the grip your dog needs, even in wet or frosty conditions.

The platform frame is supported by dual folding and adjustable legs. A clevis system is used to adjust the platform height from 24-36 inches, and each clevis is secured to the frame to prevent accidentally dropping them in the water or muck. The bottom of each leg has a wedge profile so you can easily push them into the ground for increased free-standing stability in sand, dry soil, or subsurface.

For flooded timber use, the Hybrid Dog Stand comes with four tree cleats welded to one side of the platform frame and includes a removable safety cap secured to the frame to prevent loss. Welded-on D-rings provide the anchor points for the 137-inch ratchet strap with gated clips. With this system, the Hybrid Dog Stand can be secured to trees with 45-142 inches of circumference. Because the front and rear legs of the stand can be independently deployed, the front legs can be shoved into the ground for rock-solid stability and safety.

Furthermore, the Hybrid Dog Stand is designed to facilitate carry into and out of the field. The hinged legs fold flat beneath the platform frame, allowing hunters to use the included removable shoulder strap or the integrated handle strap for easy transport.

Overall weight of the Hybrid Dog Stand is 10 lbs., 3 oz. and the MSRP is $179.99.

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