ALPS Mountaineering Announces New Ultralight Trekking Poles

ALPS Mountaineering Announces New Ultralight Trekking Poles

ALPS Mountaineering, manufacturer of performance-driven gear for wilderness adventures, exploration, and family camping, has developed a new trekking pole system for 2024. Designed for both technical and casual hiking, the new Alliance trekking poles deliver the on-trail performance serious adventurers demand but in an ultra-lightweight design.

The heart of the Alliance trekking poles is the freshly engineered hybrid frame. Blending carbon fiber and aluminum construction, the Alliance poles offer the superior rigidity and stability needed for navigating the most aggressive trails, while the material combination makes a set of two poles weigh only 15.2 ounces.

Adding to the weight and fatigue reduction of the carbon fiber/aluminum poles are durable EVA foam grips. They allow you to grasp the pole in comfort while minimizing slipping hands even in wet conditions. Adjustable wrist straps further enhance grip retention and provide essential leverage when traversing steep terrain. Additionally, the Alliance trekking poles incorporate a high-quality, fast-locking adjustment system that lets you quickly adjust pole length for changing terrain and support needs.

The pole ends are equally adaptive to the environment. Beneath the rugged and removable walking caps are aggressive tungsten carbide tips that are ideal for traversing rocks and hard ground. For softer soil or snow, the Alliance comes with standard- and large-size baskets.

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