Alien Gear Holsters Premiers the Versatile Photon Holster

Alien Gear Holsters Premiers the Versatile Photon Holster

POST FALLS, ID—Alien Gear Holsters has released the new versatile and premium Photon™  Holster—a unique holster with a 4-in-1 design that permits owners to change the holster for IWB or OWB uses and to be easily set up for use as an ambidextrous holster by either left- or right-handed shooters. The sleek holster is offered in two models—the Photon Light Bearing Holster or the Photon (Non-Light) Holster. The Photon Light Bearing Holster is designed to accommodate handguns with lights, optics, suppressor height sights and threaded barrels.

The Photon Holster will help concealed carry firearm users to easily change holster placement locations on their body without having to buy-and-try so many holsters. This state-of-the-art holster is also crafted via a durable injection molding process which ensures a long-lasting product and a secure fit for the handgun being carried.

Adding to the versatility of the Photon Holster are easily made user adjustments for: retention; cant; and ride height. Users can also add a sidecar to carry an additional magazine. Photon Holsters will also accommodate wide range of handguns including: a dozen models of widely owned Glock pistols; 15 models of SIG pistols; 5 models of S&W pistols; and several versions of the popular Springfield Armory Hellcat pistol.

Photon Mag Carriers with Sidecar are available to accommodate single and double stack magazines, and 9mm and .40-caliber magazines. The belt clips included with each holster will allow positioning on 1.5-inch and 1.75-inch wide belts.

“At Alien Gear, we have always been dedicated to providing the best products for customers,” said Shawn Hostetter, CEO of Alien Gear. “We understand that your retail customers are looking for a product that is not only high-quality but also meets their unique needs and preferences. With that in mind, we have designed the Photon holster to be customizable and easy to use, making it the ultimate holster.”

The new Photon Holster is NOW available through major retailers, neighborhood sporting goods stores and firearms dealers from coast to coast. Additional details can be obtained on the Alien Gear Holsters website at or by calling the customer service center at 208-618-8300.