Alien Gear Holsters Delivers Innovative Dynamic Drop Leg

Alien Gear Holsters, America’s leading brand of durable injection-molded holsters that are in use by LE, military units and EDC individuals around the globe, announces the release of the new Rapid Force Dynamic Drop Leg –the most advanced and minimalist drop-leg system on the market today.  This innovative product incorporates two points of articulation between the belt and the holster that allows the holster in use to move with the user—rather than against them.

Rapid Force’s Dynamic Drop Leg works in conjunction with Alien Gear Holsters’ Locking Belt Slide or QDS belt mounts to provide a user-adjusted holster ride height (choose between low, middle, or high positions). The unique design of the Dynamic Drop Leg ensures a secure swivel point for optimum holster movement as the leg moves. The Dynamic Drop Leg also works with a wide range of Alien Gear Holsters, to include most: Rapid Force Standard, LVL 2 Slim, Leg Strap and TAQ-STRAP models; Cloak Modified Direct Mount and QDS Holsters; ShapeShift Direct Mount and Expansion versions; and other holsters. The lower part of the Dynamic Drop Leg can be easily customized to fit most tactical and accessory systems.

This product is also compatible with Alien Gear Holsters’ new life-saving TAQ-STRAP– a 1.5-inch nylon strap that replaces most standard straps found in duty holsters, drop-leg mounts, and tactical gear used by military and law enforcement personnel.  Unlike a common strap, the TAQ-STRAP has an external “load bearing” strap, and an internal constricting strap, allowing the user to apply direct circumferential pressure to the limb without removing gear.  The Rapid Force Dynamic Drop Leg also provides an expanded platform for users wishing to add accessories, such as an Alien Gear Holsters’ Mag Carrier. The platform can also be user modified with hole and drill options to accommodate other mags, a flashlight, a tourniquet, OC spray, etc.

The Dynamic Drop Leg’s patented V-design attachment system enables quick detachment and re-attachment to any Rapid Force base. The product is designed to meet the specific needs of the Special Operations Community and other holster users who want more freedom of movement and comfort with leg mounted holsters.

To learn more about the new Rapid Force Dynamic Drop Leg, the many Alien Gear Holsters available, and the wide range of accessories to complement these, visit The company website also offers more than 50 informational videos that showcases product features, details on accessories, and available individual preference adjustments.

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