4.25’’ Yamatanuki Set for Debut

The people spoke, and Yamamoto Baits listened. Requested by pros and weekend anglers alike, the 4.25’’ Yamatanuki is everything anglers love about the original Nuki – and so much more.

“It didn’t take us long to realize that we had a winner in the Yamatanuki,” says GSM Senior VP of Fishing, Crispin Powley. “Not only was that validated by sales, but also by countless success stories from anglers everywhere. The all-new 4.25 Yamatanuki, or ‘Nuki’ as it’s often referred to, is the same diameter as the original but is ¾ inch longer. That culminates in a larger profile and enhanced gliding and swaying action on the fall. If the original Nuki is a cheeseburger, this thing is a double.”

The beefed-up 4.25’’ Yamatanuki, available in 14 fish-catching colors at retailers nationwide, is certain to carve out a space in nearly every angler’s arsenal.

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