East Meets West: Dan Wesson DWX Featured In Sept. GUNS

East Meets West: Dan Wesson DWX Featured In Sept. GUNS

“Taking the good stuff from the Czech CZ75 and mixing it in with the secret sauce from John Moses Browning’s archetypal single-action 1911 makes something that synergistically becomes greater than the sum of its parts,” begins Will Dabbs, MD of the Dan Wesson 9mm featured in the Sept. issue of GUNS Magazine. “Whether you run the DWX out of the box or customize it to reflect your own unique personality, this pistol shoots like a laser while remaining as comfortable as a broken-in pair of old boxer shorts.”

He continues, “These guys make simply magnificent handguns. That means accuracy, controllability and reliability. These attributes will hold you in good stead competing in a combat course at the range or during those times when you hear glass breaking downstairs at two o’clock in the morning.”

Mark Hampton advises, “If you really want to see how well a shotgun can withstand a constant pounding and still keep on, Argentina wing shooting will do the trick.” He was abundantly impressed by the performance of the Benelli Ultra-Light 20-gauge his guide provided for pigeon and dove shooting — to the tune of more than 500 rounds in a day. Back at home, he and his wife Karen found it remarkably well suited to upland birds, and to his surprise, turkeys too, thanks to its user-friendly features like an adjustable stock, drop and cast and light weight.

A Savage 110 Timberline rifle is up for grabs in the September issue’s Gun Giveaway package. Chambered in .270 Win., the rifle sports a fluted barrel, overmold surfaces, target crown and omni-port muzzle brake. The winner will also receive two boxes of Tipping Point ammo from HSM and a Spartan CBQ Tool from Spartan Blades. Valued at nearly $1,412, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing by visiting

Additional highlights in the Sept. issue include Dave Anderson’s thoughts on why the Remington 721 was “a rifle ahead of its time.” In strength, accuracy and price point, they were the true “workhorses” in a stable full of options. Fall hunting season is on approach, and Shotguns Editor Tom Keer provides timely safety reminders about going afield with man’s best hunting companion in “Don’t Shoot The Dog.” Thanks to information shared by a special reader, Massad Ayoob shares the “rest of the story” about President Harry Truman and the handguns he owned before, during and after serving as the country’s commander in chief.

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