25th Annual Muzzy Classic Bowfishing Tournament Final Standings

25th Annual Muzzy Classic Bowfishing Tournament Final Standings

With no shortage of fun the 25th annual Muzzy Classic Bowfishing tournament has come and gone but the memories will last long. As the largest event Muzzy Bowfishing has ever undertaken, this one was for the record books. With 97 total teams registered the Muzzy Classic is the largest major bowfishing event of 2024, and proof that the teams are happy to support this event, which took things back at its roots on the Tennessee River.

The June 22-23 event hosted at the scenic Marshall County Park along the Tennessee River in Guntersville, AL brought back the feel of old school tournaments with an initial Meet and Greet on Friday night, that was a huge success. Socialization and story-telling of what this year’s participants had seen during the previous week brought even more stoke to an already lit bowfishing fire. Entertainment from Brandon Elder, and appearances from Rut Daniels, Randy Birdsong, Nate Hosie, and Laden Force made the hours move by quickly, while the talented team from The Given Right chronicled the event. It’s hard to ask for a better outcome.

After weighing thousands of pounds of fish, team Descalin’ stood at the top of the podium — a place where they’re no strangers. Their impressive haul of 526lbs boated a heavy first place prize of $12,000. The Dad’s once again brought their A game to arrow 404.35lbs for a second-place finish, while team On Track tipped the scales at a whopping 391.5lbs. The Dad’s took home a cool $5,000, with On Track walking away with $3,000, respectively.

A tight competition from top to bottom with just over 58lbs separating 4-10th place, the competition was stacked almost as high as the carp! Additional notable performance came from Signal Bowfishing who put up a strong performance with 293.95lbs while Bad Behavior and Outdoor Revolution also made impressive showings with 279.15 and 276.3 pounds, respectively. Borrowed Time and Bama Boys rounded out the top fifteen with 270.55 and 264.4 pounds.

The top 10 teams and their final weights were as follows:

4th Dusk Til Dawn 372.1lbs

5th TKO 367.8lbs

6th Loggerheads 366.3lbs

7th Mountain Men 344.35lbs

8th Renegade 331.85lbs

9th Common outlaws 323.55lbs

10th ERDC 314lbs

“It was so great seeing so many familiar faces and a lot of new faces this year. We are incredibly proud of our team pulling this event off so smoothly due to all of the hard work they put into planning and execution. The weather was great and teams found some great fish, overall we couldn’t ask for a better outcome for this event. We are already planning the 2025 Muzzy Classic and have plans to make it even bigger,” said FeraDyne Outdoors Archery General Manager Chris James.

Keep an eye out for tournament updates and details on Muzzy Bowfishing’s Facebook and Instagram platforms for 2024 results and future 2025 tournament information which will. Be held June 21-22, 2025.

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